Bowman Engineering, Inc.

Solving Problems through Engineering

Energy Solutions

Organizations of today are repeatedly challenged with increasing energy costs and it is critical to understand and control these costs in order to remain competitive.  In fact, many organizations are proactively addressing energy issues in order to turn them from a liability into a competitive advantage.  Bowman Engineering offers a number of services to help your organization manage these issues.  We handle all aspects of the assessment, including interfacing with your utility providers and goverment agencies to identify any potential financial rebates or grant opportunities.

Energy Assessments

Bowman Engineering provides the energy assessment that is appropriate for your facility.  Depending on your needs, we tailor the audit plan based on the ASHRAE Level 1, 2 or 3 protocol.

Level I: Walk-Through Assessment

Level II: Energy Survey and Analysis

Level III: Detailed Analysis of Capital-Intensive Modifications


Our energy audit reports benchmark your facility against similar facilities in your geographic area, which provides insight to the relative performance of your facility.  Additionally, we develop customized reports with specific Energy Conservation Measures that can be implemented to reduce energy usage and/or energy related costs.

Clean Energy Feasibility Studies

If your goal is to reduce the carbon footprint of your facility or reduce your reliance on a specifc fuel type, we can develop a feasibility report customized to your situation.  Many organizations are looking for opportunities to include some form of renewable energy in their energy portfolio.  We will work with your staff to understand your goals and discuss the available options.  After analyzing the details of your facility, we will then prepare detailed recommendations for the specific technologies that would be compatible with your facility and consistent with your overall objectives.  A conceptual design is prepared along with a detailed estimate of probable costs and investment return, as well as a review of the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed options.