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Bowman Engineering, Inc. is a professional engineering services firm offering a variety of services to building owners, developers and facility managers.  As Building Specialists we apply our knowledge and experience to ensure that your facility operates efficiently and reliably.  Identifying and implementing the proper energy strategy with intelligent building systems will reduce operating costs and provide an increased level of monitoring of building systems for the facility manager.  At the same time, we focus on methods to increase occupant comfort and improve facility reliability.  We pride ourselves on developing common sense solutions to a wide array of facility problems.

Energy Solutions are fundamental to reducing operating costs.  Typically, energy related costs can be reduced by 20% to 40%, often with short payback durations.

Facility Diagnostics include a suite of field services that can be employed individually or collectively to aid in the identification of a wide spectrum of facility deficiencies.

Owner's Agent

Whether it is the modification of an existing facility or new construction, as an Owner's Agent we provide objective representation for any size project.