Bowman Engineering, Inc.

Solving Problems through Engineering

Facility Diagnostics

Whether it is new construction or operation of an existing facility, many buildings are not always designed, constructed or operated as originally intended and often do not meet current standards.  This results in excessive energy use, unexpected and costly repairs and dissatisfaction by building occupants.  The root and contributing causes of these problems are not always immediately evident and sometimes require diagnostic investigation to identify the underlying issues.  Bowman Engineering's extensive knowledge of the design, construction and operation of various facilities, coupled with our vast array of diagnostic tools, allow us to identify the problem in a cost efficient and timely manner.  Furthermore, as a professional engineering firm, we are able to provide an expert analysis of the physical findings and propose recommendations for resolving the problem.

  • Facility Condition Assessment


  • Indoor Air Quality Assessment


  • Infrared Thermography Investigation


  • Pipe Wall Thickness Integrity


  • Moisture and Mold Investigation


  • Retrocommissioning


  • Measurement and Verification (M&V)


  • Code Compliance


  • Failure Analysis


  • Ice Dam Investigation


  • Water Intrusion Investigation